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Access over 40,000 user submitted recipes from the #1 recipe website! Dinner Spinner is a fun and useful recipe app from the world’s #1 food site, delivering thousands of our members’ favorite quick and easy recipes to your Windows Phone 7 device. It’s FREE! Thousands of top-rated recipes - each featuring photos and reviews from our community of millions of home cooks – right in the palm of your hand! Plus, time-saving recipe tips from Members and their ideas for recipe variations that help to eliminate any guesswork! It’s EASY & FUN! Dinner Spinner lets you be a picky eater or come hungry for ideas: • Choose by Dish: Appetizers, drinks, main dishes, side dishes, desserts—the list goes on! • Choose by Ingredient: Search for what you have on hand or what you are looking to buy. • Choose by Desired “Ready In” Time: from recipes in under 20 minutes to all-day slow cooker dishes. SHARE RECIPES! Post to Facebook, tweet to Twitter, or email your favorite recipes to friends. Go ahead—give it a spin! PIN the app to your home screen to get daily recipe push notifications. Choose your favorite food category to get new recipes from that collection every day. Pick your own background! Visit us at for more great recipes and helpful tools.

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David J Kelley Named Phone 7 Developer Hero of the Week

Microsoft Names David Kelley Windows Phone 7 Developer of the Week Hero:

"David Kelley’s background in UX and as a Silverlight MVP set him up to be a great mobile app developer, which lets him pursue these passions as well as a third – speaking! You can catch David presenting about Windows Phone 7 at local events and some larger ones, like DevConnections.

If David could choose a superpower, it would be immortality … so he could finally have time to check off everything in his Outlook to-do list! And the man certainly is busy; he’s created tons of apps and is still going.

The app that’s closest to his heart is Princess Paper Dolls, with the animation & live tile modeling and voiceovers done by his 4-year-old daughter, Hanna. He watched her play a tablet-based app and decided to make something better for Windows Phone 7. David built the AllRecipes app Dinner Spinner with his team where he works, and created Tools for Phone 7, a.k.a. the “Swiss Army knife” of apps, to put all those handy apps in one place (duct tape not included).

David’s working on a few new apps including a framework for building Windows Phone 7 apps in HTML and JavaScript, so keep watching, developers—more great things to come from this developer hero! "

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JavaScript - Test for HTML App Host for Phone 7

Version: 1.01

Test app for running javascript and testing HTML/HTML5 based apps on Phone 7.  This app is for phone developers only.  The application is based on an application framework and used primarily to test the HTML App Host Framework as seen on
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Hacking Silverlight Code Browser

Version: 1.11

The essential Silverlight Code Reference on the phone. Primarily a tool for old people like me that can't remember hardly how todo a for loop, this quick reference helps me remember how to program silverlight not only on the phone but in all its many platforms. Also note that this is a port of a free desktop app found on using the same underlying reference although this one is 'metro' ized for the phone.

Some of the great features in this app include all the code being local in the app so you don't use wifi. everything is tagged and searchable. code snippets can be emailed to your self until cut and paste works... ;) there are dev demos that you can launch from the about screen and much much more.

Recent Updates Include:
* Additional Phone 7 Code Snippets and Silverlight Snippets
* Additional Silverlight OOB Snippets
* Additional Silverlight 4 Snippets
* Tactile Feedback
* minor application ui improvements

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Mithun Dhar - The App - Veni,Vedi,Velcro...

‘My App’ – I developed this app as a quick hello world to familiarize myself with the Windows Phone development tools and submission process. This is not a production level application.

I am a Microsoft Technology Evangelist and cover the breadth of the platform (Breadth Evangelism).

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Bird In Tree

Version: 1.2

Bird In Tree is a simple game for kids where the object is to shake the bird from a tree. Each time you manage to shake the bird from the tree it gets harder, The game tracks your highest score and even in trial mode doesn't expire albeit with ad's. Please hold on to your phone when playing this game ;)

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[Wirestones] a portfolio app

Version: 1.3

Wirestones it the ultimate fanboy app for [Wire] stone showing the best in digital experience design and emerging experiences as done by [Wire] Stone. Stay in touch, get the latest screen shots and follow the most social wirestoners using this fan boy app.

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Tree Identity

Version: 1.4

TreeID is a basic dichotomous key, used to identify some of the most common trees found in North America. Tree ID not only helps identify trees but also keeps you in touch with greenspade, provides educational and reference material on the go.

by Chris Welch, ISA Certified Arborist. (

New Features Include:
* New Home Screen
* Glossary
* New Social media Integration
* More Detail
* Optimized touch experience
* UX/Discoverability Enhancements

Free Version:

Play and Learn Geography

Version: 1.1

My wife and my little girl, Her Highness Princess Hannamarysia asked for an app that does Geography for small children. My intent was to make a simple tool that allows kids to play around and learn basic world and US geography. Please feel free to send me ideas for new features.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Princess Paper Dolls (Free and Paid)

Version: 1.16

A game for girls, Princess Paper Dolls is digital paper doll app that lets you change outfits, dresses, features, hair, hats, shoes and more. With new dresses coming all time or so for hours of fun for your little girl.

Features Include:
* Over 50+ Dresses and outfits
* Randomize Princess
* Customize Settings (sound, touch etc)
* Numerous shoes
* Multipul Skin Tones, Eye Colors, Hair Colors
* Antique Paper Doll outfits
* Reset Princess
* In app video
* Over 25 princess sayings
* Full set of the Most Famous Tiara's
* Numerous Hats and Tiara's
* Color Selecting Dresses
* Easter Egg - Play and Learn Geography

New Features Include:
* New Dresses x16
* Easter Egg - Play and Learn Geography
* x6 Antique Dresses
* Technical Improvements
* Color Selecting Dresses

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Sketched Apps for phone 7 (Free and Paid)

Version: 1.4

Sketched Apps Lite for Phone 7 is a wireframing quick and dirty UI mock up application for user experience designers, information architects and anyone that wants to quickly wireframe up a sketchflow phone 7 UI (User Interface) on phone 7 so you don't need to have your laptop along with you.

Free Version Deeplink:

Paid Version Deeplink:

Simon Said (Paid and Lite)

Version: 1.22

A fun simple game of Simon Said and the original one developed for phone 7 and Silverlight Simon. Press the start button and follow the series of lights and sounds remembering the sequence. Simon Said is the original Silverlight Simon Says ported from WPF/Surface/Silverlight for doing programming demo's and is a codeplex project for demoing Composite codebase XAML development. The example shows porting of xaml assets, user controls, sound and lookless controls and styles. Now tracks your high score. And has an easter egg for you to find as well as a replay button.

Since the app has become so popular it has been optimized for the phone. Feel free to contact us with ideas or other elements you'd like to see in the game.

Current update includes:

* Improved Kinesthetic Touch Response
* Custom Settings and Themes
* Stats Splash on game complete
* Certified Child Safe
* Image Improvements/Refinements
* Additional Stat Info

Free Version:

Paid Version:

Morse Code (Pro and Lite)

Version: 1.3

Morse Code Lite is a code application for transmitting, receiving and transcoding morse code, via text/character based transcoding or light transmission using the screen and sound. Its like the professional version but designed more for the casual user. You can enter characters and its translated to morse code, you can key in morse code using a double paddle system or typing english and in either case said code can be transmitted via sound or text and/or light. The application includes references and other morse code related functionality including saving and managing a library of per-saved code text ready to send on command. From the reference card you can also transmit alpha numeric characters as practice.

Free Version:

Paid Version with Transcoding (beta)(1.29):

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tools for Phone 7

Version 1.22

Tools for phone 7 is like a swiss army knife. Although for sale most features work even in trial mode. Parchment tools includes tools like level, seismometer, light, tipit, dice, list, alarm, fcall, scientific calculator, GPS tracker, ruler, money converter, simple calculator, password generator, handwarmer and more. I found that I kept doing all these little tools and simple applications for windows phone 7 and with a limit of only 10 apps deployed to a dev phone it just made more since to wrap them all up in a single package. Like many applications on phone 7 this app uses a panorama metaphor to get to all the elements. Swipe through all the 'slides' and select the app you want by touching the apps icon.

* Simple Calculator
* Number Converter
* Dice - Random Number Generator
* GPS/Bing Map
* Keep Awake tool for long drives
* Level
* Simple List
* Massage...
* Simple Morse Code
* Pswd Generator
* Screen Light
* Seismometer
* Stop Watch
* Tipit - Tip Calculator
* xCalculator
* Easter Egg: Phone Book
* Ruler
* Easter Egg: Panorama Selector
* False Call
* Hand Warmer
* Teenager Repellent

recent updates:
* added a Keep Me Awake Tool
* Updated easter egg tools
* Password Generator Text Selectable
* Ruler Metric and English support
* False Call
* Seismometer controls update
* Design UX Enhancements
* misc internationalization enhancements

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