Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spell - The Game

Spell is a game of magic that cross the border between games on the screen and real life. The game allows players to start with a series of spells that they can do numerous things with one their own or with each other and with elements in the game. Players can find new spells and mix and matching, players can trade spells with those they know in broad case or using NFC. Players can fight other players with the spells they have, might unlock more spells via promotions or find them hidden virtually in real space. Spells and Spirits can discover new spells in almost 3 million locations around the world and Spirits can fight back. Players can contribute to content in game and buy booster packs that include rare or powerful spells. To find things hidden in real life players can use either the map or augmented reality to find things in game in real life. Players also can unlock promotional Spells and gain spells through awards and other promotional mechanisms. Some spells can even interact with things in real life through microcontroller based devices based on Netdiuno.

if you have a windows phone you can download it here:

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